Is Music Its Own Language?

Music is a languageBeing a teacher for many years now, I have seen many successes and problems that people experience when they are just getting started with music.  Every time I have sat down to learn a new piece of music, it came down to a few simple truths.  The most basic truth that I have leaned is that music is a language.  This isn’t something new that I wanted to bring to your attention, but this can be overlooked.

The Spoken Language of All

When you interact with words spoken to others, it is sound that carries the communication.  Different notes and symbols create any language that is spoken and understood.  Once you have a good understanding of any languages vocabulary and sounds, you can communicate with others.  Even before learning to read or play music, one can learn to speak a language.

The language of music can be summarized into three parts.  Music consists of rhythm, melody, and harmony.  When you think of rhythm is placement of notes and sounds.  Also, Melody, is a consistent group of notes or specific sounds.  Harmony is considered the combination of all the notes.  If you put all of these together, you have music.  The possibilities of music are endless but the actual mechanics of music are finite.  Learning music will give you a better idea of the structure of music and how to create harmonies tunes.

Creating Music for Yourself and Others

There are many ways you can start if you want to learn music.  The most valuable asset you have is your ears.  Your ears perceive everything you hear and help you match tones to see if you are flat or sharp.  Once you have a good understanding of your instrument you can start playing by ear.  This is the ability of being able to hear a melody in your head or from someone else and replicating it on the instrument you play.  This may take some practice, so make sure to not give up on your craft.

When you think of language, you realize that it isn’t just the words that people are speaking that convey meaning.  It is actually the tone and way that you speak the words that gives them meaning.  The word itself is actually of little meaning and the communicator is the one projecting meaning.  This is why there are so many different meanings that could be associated with one word.

If you want to get good at your musical vocabulary, then there is a couple things that you can do.  The first thing that I recommend is to play the note and then try to match that note with your voice.  The second thing that I recommend is thing of the sound in your head, then try to sing the sound that you heard in your head.  This will help with that inner ear of yours to match up with your voice.

Final Thoughts on the Music Language

Try to consider communication as a form of music and practice what you are feeling through your music.  This will help you become a much better musician and better apt to express emotion.  Please check out my previous post on why music is important to our everyday lives.

Youtube Video, music is a language

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